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Email Feedback loop reporting

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Over the next week at Email Blaster we will be releasing our new automatic Feedback Loop management system.

The new module is currently in BETA testing. Once we are satisfied that everything works as it should – we will be rolling it out across all accounts.

What are feedback loops?

If a recipient opens your email and marks it as spam, this will have a detrimental affect on your email marketing. Your sender reputation will be lowered and as a result, future campaigns could be rejected by the recipient email server or slip into the junk folder.

To help maintain great delivery, it is crucial that you aim to minimise the amount of people that open your email and click on the junk button  – This is why purchased lists are never a good idea, they attract spam complaints which will lower your sender reputation.

So how does a feedback loop come into play? – If a user opens your email and marks it as spam, they are still on your mailing list, they have not clicked on the unsubscribe button. This means that when you next run a broadcast, more than likely the same user will mark your email as spam again – further lowering your sender reputation.

The user has marked your email as spam, they obviously do not wish to receive further communications from you.

At EB, we have established relationships with many large email hosts – when a user opens your email and marks it as spam, we will be informed.

Once we are informed, our new Feedback Loop management system will automatically remove the user from your database and let you know. This helps minimise future spam complaints and improve your sender reputation.

This does not affect me, no user should mark my email as spam!

Sadly this is not true. Return Path report, that even if you have a great quality COI email database – 7 out of 10 users who no longer wish to receive you email will click on the junk button rather than unsubscribe. Our new feedback loop management system will automate this for you.

When is it live?

The new Feedback Loop management system has finished development and is now in testing. We are hoping to make the new system live over the next week.

The new system will be introduced into all accounts at no extra charge.

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