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List Doctor Version 3.1

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Celebrating List Doctor 3.1 Release.

If you are a regular email blaster, you probably use List Doctor every day – but don’t always know it.

List Doctor, our unique email database cleaning engine that is designed to help save you email sends and protect your sender reputation. After importing an email database, your database will be sent away for a List Doctor scan, is scan is very much like running a virus scan on your PC. The engine will check for bad data on your email database and gives it a little clean.

List Doctor will check your database for the following things:

> Typos in your email address
> Invalid data
> Dead email addresses / Hard bounces
> Previous unsubscribes
> Bad neighbourhood addresses.

Over the last few weeks, our team at email blaster have been working on the latest List Doctor release. We are very proud to announce that List Doctor Version 3.1 is now live and has today been successfully rolled out across the network.

So, whats new inside the latest release….

Well in a nutshell, quite a few things. We have tweaked and optimised the main engine to improve performance. In addition that, we have re-built our algorithm to detect a typo in an email address (which would prevent delivery). Our new algorithm is much more accurate.

These are just a few of the smaller improvements to List Doctor, the main new development is what we are calling ‘CSV Report’. After a List Doctor scan has run, when you receive your eMessage report. The new Doc will also attach a CSV report which can be quickly downloaded. Inside your next eMessage report you will notice the new ‘Download’ button.

The full report can be opened in Excel and lists every email contact that was cleaned and why it was cleaned. This new addition follows your feedback and now provides a quick and easy method for keeping your internal databases up to date.

As always thank you for your feedback, this enables us to make email blaster better for everyone.

Enjoy using the new Doc!

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