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Email Blaster Release 3.0

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We are very pleased to announce the release of Email Blaster Version 3.0!

Over the Christmas period our engineers were very busy upgrading the Email Blaster platform to the latest improved version.

So what has changed?

  • Accounts location – We have changed how accounts are created and managed inside EB. As a result users should notice increased performance.
  • Email Send Software – Our software which controls all email gateways has been completely re-writen to improve performance.
  • Quicker processing of email campaigns – Once you send your campaign to our email servers, we have doubled the processing speed of all queues.
  • New Support desk – We have re-written our support centre and online ticketing system. Users will now receive email notifications when a member of staff replies to a ticket.
  • Image Uploader – All image uploaders have been re-coded to improve performance by shrinking the code base.
  • New Login system – We have upgraded the users login system to increase security for users accounts.

Important Information: New Login System [Please read]

Due to upgrades to the Email Blaster UK login system, our authentication system has changed.

As a result, can we ask that all users please delete all EmailBlaster cookies located on your computer. This will enable you to upgrade and start using the new system.

If you are still running our older authentication system, you may notice several warning messages on your dashboard.

What are Cookies and how can i remove them?

Cookies are temporary internet files which are placed on your computer when you use most modern websites. They remember your user preferences and login information. Deleting your cookies can be completed safely and only takes a few moments.

For assistance deleting your cookies, please click on the link below:

How can i delete my internet cookies

If you require any assistance or encounter any issues using Email Blaster UK 3.0 – please contact our support team.

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