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Christmas Email Design Templates

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It is almost that time of the year again, Christmas is fast approaching. If you are like us, this is a pretty busy time of the year with all hands on deck.

Before the Christmas break, it is always a nice touch to send a quick email to your customers, thanking them for their business this year. To help with this, we have just rolled out the email blaster Christmas greeting email templates. The Christmas email designs are now live and ready to use inside your account.

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To extend the seasons greetings, all the lovely Christmas cards featured below are free to use (it is also free to open an email blaster account). You can quickly head over here to open a free email blaster account and use the eCards.

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Free Christmas Email Design Templates:

Why Send a Christmas Card Email?

Hopefully, the lovely Christmas design’s have given you a warm Christmas glow, but why use them?

1. Thank your customers for their loyalty.
Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to thank your customers for their loyalty and custom this year. A simple thank you means a lot and reinforces that you value their custom.

2. Reminds older customers that you are still here.
A very simple but effective tip. If a customer has not purchased from you in a few months, a simple email thanking them for your custom remind them that you are still here, bringing your brand to the forefront of their mind.

3. Sets yourself apart from normal sales-based emails.
This time of year is pretty popular for email marketing. We are all sending out of pre-Christmas and Black Friday offers. Send your recipients something a little bit different, not a sales message, just a simple thank you. This will really make your email and brand stand out and get noticed.

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