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Check your email spam score.

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After spending time creating the perfect mailer, it should hit the inbox not the junk folder. To help ensure this, we have introduced a little app; Spam Score.

Spam Score will analyse your email newsletter before sending to help identify any possible issues which could cause it to hit the dreaded junk folder.

Our latest release of Spam Score now includes integration with SpamAssassin. For those unfamiliar, SpamAssassin is one of the most popular spam filtering platforms, used by ESP’s the world over. The new integration enables you to accurately monitor your predicted email newsletter performance like never before.

In addition to the SpamAssassin. We have completely re-written our bespoke spam checking engine to help provide you with helpful feedback and advice to improve the performance of your mailer.

To demonstrate the power of Spam Score, we have put together a video demo, check it out below:



To install Spam Score, from inside your email blaster software, head over to the app store by selecting ‘apps’ from the main menu.

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