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When is the best time to send your newsletters?

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One of the most asked questions we get – “when is the best time to send my email campaign?” . The day of the week and time that you send your email marketing campaign can have a great impact on its success. There is no set rule on this area, but here are a few things which you may want to consider:

Avoid First Thing Monday

Imagine this, you have just got into work monday morning. Your inbox is full of emails from over the weekend, typically you will open the important emails and delete the others. For this reason, we advise that you do not send emails on a monday morning. You are much more likely to be completing with a wide range of other companies that have sent email campaigns over the last few days. Chances are, you email may blend in with the mass of over emails received over the weekend and will not get read.

Avoid Friday Afternoon.

When possible try to avoid sending your email newsletters on a Friday afternoon, we find that the ‘Poet’s Day’ rule (Push Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday) applies. Some companies work half days on friday (the lucky people!) and other people tend to push off early.

Also bear in mind this, on a friday afternoon everyone tends to lack a bit of motivation when at work. We are all planning the weekend ahead, if you receive an advertising email – chances are you will read it but may not be in a good work frame of mind. Of-course, no employer will admit that their staff are not as motivated on a friday afternoon – but it cant be helped!

Send after the mid morning rush

Try to avoid sending your campaign first thing in the morning, thats when people typically clear our their inbox and delete the mass of emails received overnight. Send your email campaign mid morning. Research suggests that people tend to be more alert and focused in the morning, wait until everyone had got into work and cleared out their email inbox – then hit them with your campaign! Chances are that the open rate will be higher when sending mid morning

The best day of the week

Many studies have shown that the best day to send your email campaign is on a Wednesday. This tends to be the busiest day of the working week. Therefore it would follow that your email has a greater chance to be opened and reacted to. This is an observation made by several studies, though our experience we have found similar.

So when is the best time to send my email campaign?

There is no set rule, but the above provides some tips which you may want to consider. From the above advice once would conclude that the best time to send your email campaign is mid morning on a Wednesday.

We would be interested to hear any other experiences and success of the best time to send your email newsletter campaign. Please leave a comment below with your experience.

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