Your email has been delivered, it has successfully passed the recipients SPAM filter and has arrived inside Outlook. Where will Outlook place your email? – will it appear in the clients inbox, or slip into the junk folder. You have successfully designed and sent your email newsletter – now dont fail at the last hurdle!

How to avoid Microsoft Outlook junk folder

There are several actions which you can take to help avoid your email slipping into the Outlook junk folder. Microsoft Outlook will scan your email reading the; to address, from address, subject line and body. Using certain words or phrases in these areas may result in your email going into the junk folder. Here are a few things which you should avoid:

Your From Address

Avoid :

  • sales@
  • mail@
  • marketing@

Your Subject Line


  • Subject contains “£”
  • Subject contains “free”
  • Subject contains “!”

Your Email Body


  • Contains “£”
  • Contains “Special Offer” / “Special promotion”
  • Contains “Discount”
  • Contains “Free”
  • Contains “Order Now”
  • Contains ” Order Today”
  • Contains “Money back guarantee”
  • Contains “100% satisfied”

Avoid the junk folder, rule of thumb

Its a sad fact that probably everyone reading this blog also gets spam. Next time you get sent a spam email, before you delete it – have a quick look at the email. You will probably notice that the email is littered with many of the keywords mentioned above. Our advice, is DO THE OPPOSITE TO WHAT A SPAMMER WOULD DO. You normally can’t go far wrong to doing the exact opposite as what spammers do, avoid using overly sales focus words such as “free” or “offer” – take you time to develop rich well written content.