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Automatically clean your email database

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You have successfully imported your client email database and are ready to send your first email campaign.

Your email database of clients may have been built up over several years. Some email contacts within the list may no longer exist. If you are constantly emailing dead email addresses you will be wasting email credits and your time.

At Email Blaster UK, our online software will automatically clean your email databases. In the end you will be left with a nice clean database which will hopefully achieve great results for your company.

Methods used to clean your databases

Your email database will be automatically cleaned via two methods, one at the stage of data import and the other after you have sent your first few campaigns:

At the point of importing data, our database import wizard will automatically scan all your data for possible errors. The wizard will search for spaces in email addresses, invalid contacts and common typos. You will then be presented will a list of possible invalid data which you can edit/delete (this addition is currently in BETA and will be released for general use by the end of February 2011).

After sending your first few campaigns, we will automatically clean your database even further. Email addresses which no longer exist are automatically recorded at the point of send. After your first few campaigns the system will learn which emails it cannot deliver to and remove. No action is required on your part, this is an automatic process which will help save you email credits and lead to a golden mailing list will will hopefully perform for you and your business. ┬áIn addition to this, users who no longer wish to receive email communication from your company will be automatically cleaned from your mailing list – no manual unsubscribe removal is required on your part.

Email marketing should be something which is quick and easy to run, not a time consuming process which takes you all day. To help achieve this goal, we automate database cleaning as far a possible.

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