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Analytics Reimagined: Unsubscribes

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After sending our mailer, it’s easy to get wrapped up in only looking at the successful elements, such as read or clicks. But even the best mailer with the most loyal subscriber list, will in all likely hood have some unsubscribes.

In this section we can easily view and understand these, for perspective, we can also see our number of active subscribers in the section – along with users who have clicked to unsubscribe and also users who unsubscribed and then asked to be added to a suppression list.

This is where they have asked to be excluded from any other lists that you may hold.

The horizontal block graph shows us these three elements scaled accordingly for easy viewing. If we scroll down, we can see that we have access to three comparison hexagonal graphs.

Each one shows us two data groupings, to help understand how unsubscribes fit into the complete journey that our recipients have taken:

1. The number and percentage of unsubscribes versus the total delivered (and remained subscribed).
2. Read and stayed subscribed versus read and then unsubscribed.
3. Normal unsubscribed versus unsubscribed and then requested suppression from all other lists.

Again each core section in clickable, taking you into the detail for each key section.

We can also download this information in pre formatted PDF format or CSV file.

So, that is how to understand your unsubscribes.

To try email blaster, open a free account and give it a spin!

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