Social Media Engagements

Social Media plays a major part in how our recipients are engaging with us. So, this blog post is about the interactions our mailer has on various Social Media platforms.

Recipients are now expecting to see that your mailer will include links to all of your businesses social media channels.

These are often clicked just as much as the links to your products and services contained within the main body of your mailer.

It is therefore important to understand the role that these social media channels play, as a central part of how your business presents itself to the outside world.

Analytics will present you with an easy to read line graph, with an icon for each of your social media channels.

The vertical lines coming off of each contain details of the number of clicks you have received. The longer the line – the more clicks you have received.

This makes it really easy to quickly see your best performing channels.

You can also click on each bubble to see the date, address and country of each. We also have added hover over content available, showing us the time and the address of the click.

We can also download this information in pre formatted PDF format or CSV file.

So that is how to view your Social Media Engagements.

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