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Analytics Reimagined: Overview

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Welcome to analytics reimagined. In this blog post, we’ll briefly look at the campaign selection screen and the summary section.

When you click on analytics, the first screen will invite you to select which of your sent campaigns you’d like to view the stats for. From here you can select to view the results of one campaign, or collate together up to eight campaigns to view combined stats for.
This screen shows: the campaign name, the name of the mailing list it was sent to and the date that it was sent.

If you need to find a specific campaign, analytics makes life really easy for you.
The smart search bar you can start typing for a specific campaign and the search results will be displayed and refined as you type.

In this same section, you can also set the display order, you can switch between the date created and the date sent. By using these two search methods, you can quickly and easily navigate to any campaign that you need to. By clicking on the eye icon you can preview the mailer. You can also delete the campaign stats by clicking on the X icon.

So, next up we need to select the campaign that we want to view the analytics report for. We can do this by clicking on the grey plus pin icon. You’ll see a tile containing the campaign’s ID number has now appeared at the bottom of the screen.

If you’d like to add other campaigns to merge into the same report – simply click more of the plus icons. You can select up to 8. Now we are ready to run the report, so hit ‘generate.’ Now we are inside the analytics report for our selected campaign. Then the summary screen shows us our headline campaign figures for segment.

At a glance you can quickly see the key figures for your selected campaigns. With each segment being clickable, you can quickly select the detail section for each. And this also makes it really quick and easy to navigate to the key areas.

The summary section can be used to skim read your key stats. It can also be used as a jumping off point to dive into detail.

So,that was the overview of Analytics Reimagined.

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