Delivered and Read.

In this blog post we will be looking at the Delivered and Read section of Analytics Reimagined.

This is presented in an easy to read bubble format, as it makes it really easy to read at a glance. And you are able to tell how the three key elements of your send scale against each other. These being: sent, delivered and opened.

Each stat records the actual number as well as a percentage. So, this makes it really easy to get an overview of all of your key data. This is also available in what ever format you’d rather work in.

Another great feature here is that you are able too click on the bubble to view the date, email address and geographic location of everyone that opened the mailer.

The bar at the bottom also gives us the ability to enter an address to search for it. Additionally this is great if you need to find one particular address quickly.

The icons on the right give us a few options to download this data, either as a pre-formatted PDF (this is great for presenting the data in visual format to colleagues) or by clicking the cloud we are able to download a CSV spreadsheet of all of the data.

Analytics gives you everything you need from a quick over view – to detailed information and presentation ready, downloadable content.

So, that is the Delivered and Read section of Analytics Reimagined.

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