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Analytics Reimagined: Bounces

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In the final section, we can see the elements of our campaign that has not been successfully delivered; these are the bounces.

Bounces are split into two main sections, these being hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce is a permanent failure and a soft bounce is a send to a live domain – but a non responsive mailbox.

Our hexagon chart shows us the total number of successful deliveries versus the failures. From each sub section – we can see the split of these failures between hard and soft bounces. We can view both totals and percentage split for each. It makes it really easy to see and understand the split between the two types of delivery failure.

Each section is clickable, taking us into the detail page for each.

From here we can see the type of address and the type of bounce recorded.

The search bar also makes it very easy to search for a specific email address if you are looking for one user.

We can also download this information in pre formatted PDF format or CSV file.

So, that is how to understand the bounces.

To try email blaster, you can create a free account and give it a spin.

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