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NEW FEATURE – Design email campaign updates

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We have today added a great new feature to the Email Blaster system which will help boost your deliverability rate.

Plain Text Emails

When you design your next email newsletter campaign you may notice that the design screen now looks a little different. During the design process you will now be asked to create a plain text alternative in addition to your HTML email campaign. A plain text alternative is simply a version of your email campaign that just contains the body text, no images or fancy formatting.

You can easily flip between the plain text and HTML version of your campaign by clicking on the corresponding tab, this is illustrated in the screen below:

Why do i need a plain text version?

While you do not have to create a plain text version of your email campaign, taking the extra time to design a plain text alternative to your HTML campaign can produce great benefits:

  • Improve Success Rate – While most people can read HTML emails, some people using older email platforms are unable to view a HTML email. If our system detects that the recipient is unable to view a HTML based email, our system will automatically send the recipient a plain text alternative. This helps to ensure that everyone can see your campaign.
  • Improve Spam Filter Success Rate – Different recipients use different spam filter platforms, each platform has its own criteria to decide if your email could be considered as spam or not. When sending HTML based campaigns, some spam filters struggle to read the code that sits behind the scenes on a HTML campaign. Due to this, some spam filters will only read the text based alternative when deciding if your email is spam, as this version does not contain lots of source code and is much easier for the spam filter to read. Therefore if you provide a clear plain text version of your campaign along with your great looking HTML email this will help your email to successfully pass an email campaign
  • Don’t do what spammers do – Spammers are sending thousands of emails a day, they typically create a quick image and paste it into a HTML based email. Spammers don’t tend to take the time to generate a HTML and plain text version of their campaign  – their target is quantity not quality. With Email Blaster you will be doing the opposite to what a spammer does, our system will takes the time to automatically attach a plain text version of your campaign if you choose to write one. This will help prove to spam filters that you are a real company, not a spammer in the far-east.

With Email Blaster plain text emails, you still have the ability to mail merge and personalise each email, along with adding the automatically generated unsubscribe link.

Your thoughts and comments on this new addition are always welcome. Enjoy.

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