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Quality not quantity – Secret to email marketing

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Quality not quantity

Quality not quantity is the key when it comes to email marketing. The best results are always obtained by sending in small well tuned batches.  The common myth is that that email marketing is all about volume. 

With most modern email marketing platforms it’s quick and easy extremely cost effective to send out marketing campaigns.  I guess because it ticks these boxes – the temptation is to send as many as possible.

we’ll outline the main pitfalls with sending large volume and why smaller campaigns will always achieve dramatically better results.

Why quality not quantity is the secret to success.

If you don’t have many subscribers, don’t be tempted to supplement these with large purchase lists of email addresses.  On the whole most purchased lists have been sold over and over again.  The email addresses within are old and often out of date. They are often completely unqualified and the chances that they may be interested or relevant to what you are selling are very slim indeed.

Large volumes make identifying hot leads very difficult.  Often good enquiries are simply lost within the huge number of stats that sending to a large database will create.

Large lists will contain recipients in number that will mark your send as spam (this is very common with purchased lists).  This means that your risk and Email service provider blocking your domain, or flagging it is a potential spammer.  This will cause delivery issues with all future campaigns.

Large lists and the huge numbers of opens & cloth throughs make following these people up virtually impossible.  the most successful email marketers will always follow up opens and clicks with a telephone call or further mailings – large lists make this task logistically impossible.

what to do if you have large Quantity of subscribers.

If you do have a large number of subscribers – then segment these into smaller lists, you could split these out based on interest in different areas of your products and services or geographic location.  By sending in smaller well targeted campaigns – your marketing will be much more effective.

Cleanse your lists regularly – A few times a year, go through your data and delete anyone that has not opened your campaign in a while.  This means you are not wasting sends on dead data – again this makes the people you should be talking to much easier identify

In terms of quality, don’t keep sending the same newsletter over and over again.  Always make sure that your mailings contain new reasons for your recipients keep interacting with what you are sending.  Ultimately this means more click throughs and enquiries.

Make sure your list are up to date.

Make sure that your data is well qualified and up to date, this can be used as part of a cleaning process. Look at your bounces and telephone those recipients to enquire if the contact you have on file is still the best person.

Go through all of your historic sales and enquiries records and make sure that every contact you may have had over the last few years has their email address entered into your marketing database.  So everyone that has telephoned in and enquired with you has been recorded.

In terms of quality, always take the time to split test variations of your mailer, content and subject header line.  Send these variants to small batches of your data and observe which one gets the best results.

If you plan and execute a well thought through email marketing campaign – it will generate the best return on your marketing spend.  It will be at the heart of a consistently successful digital strategy.  So the next time you are offered half the world’s email addresses for $100 – just hit the spam button, these lists do more harm than good.

When it comes to make your campaign successful, Just remember – quality not quantity.

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