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The big secret to getting more email marketing reads

Published: 10th May 2022
Your email marketing lives and dies by how many people take the time to stop and read it. Competition for your viewer’s attention is pretty fierce, so those first few seconds, when your viewer sees your message in the preview pane area really important.

So, what is the answer to really boost your reads? - how do you really grab their attention. The answer to this is brand recognition.

Fundera say ‘43% of customers spend more money on brands that they recognise’.

Building your brand identity so that it’s easily identifiable to your email recipients is the fastest way to build trust. More trust equals better conversions.

So, how do we successfully build a brand identity?

The first place to start is with your logo, it needs to be well defined and used consistently in all of your marketing materials.

It also needs to be placed either at the top, or very near the top of your mailer.

The sizing needs to be prominent, without being over-bearing. The common mistake is to have your logo overshadowed by a large strapline, the logo needs to be one of the first things that the viewer notices.

Consistency in previous emails

Your branding needs to be the same size style and position as in previous emails. Building your brand recognition is all about familiarity.

Regular sending

In order to build recognition, your emails need to be a regular presence in your recipient’s inbox. - It’s also worth letting people know when the next email is due, this helps to let people know the frequency of your sends.

That’s four quick and easy ways to build a solid brand identity with your email marketing. Creating a recognisable look and feel really helps to boost your email marketing conversions.

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