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How to write a great sales email

Published: 19th February 2020
In this weeks’ video, we are going to take a look at how to write a really good sales email that will engage with your viewers and maximise opportunities for those all-important sales conversions.

We’ve outlined the 8 magic ingredients that make up a really great sales letter, so let’s get started with number 1

Send from address

In our haste to start writing the text of our sales message, we often overlook this one. Make sure that your email is from you - not sales@ or marketing@.

Emails that are from real people have much better open rates and engagement stats. Nobody wants to feel like they are a part of a large scale marketing campaign, personalised email sends make your viewers feel valued.

Subject Header Line

The subject header line is one of the first pieces of information that your viewers will see - if this doesn’t capture the interest of your viewer, it’ll probably be deleted without reading.

So, how do you make it look interesting to your viewer? - well, there are a few principles to follow:

Keep it brief

Research shows that around 40 characters are the ideal length. Longer subject header lines are harder to read quickly and can be truncated by the email reader.

Ask a question

Asking a question prompts to the viewer to read further to find the answer. This is a great technique for getting the viewer to commit to the next stage of converting, this being to read the body text of your mailer.

Use emoji’s to help stand out

Adding an emoji is a great way to break up the text - this really helps to capture the attention of your viewer.

Preview Text and opening sentence

If you’ve managed to gain the attention of your viewer so far - and they are starting to read your email, then the first few lines are really important. If they don’t grab your viewer then they won’t commit to reading the rest of your mail.

The knack here is to get to the point quickly, it’s vital that you explain the purpose of your email quickly. Don’t try and be candid or waffle, just say clearly, in a short punchy sentence why you are emailing.

Introduce your company and your credentials

In this next paragraph, you can build credibility with your viewer. You can briefly talk about your own experience or the expertise of your company.

This really helps to build trust. After outlining the purpose of your email as we’ve outlined in the previous point, briefly explaining why your recipient should use you is a great follow on point.

Explain briefly the main features with personalised benefits

In the next step, we can now talk about the main sales points of your product or service. It is a great idea to point out one or two key features that your product has. These should be brief and well researched - look at what are the most popular features with previous customers.

Each feature should also have a personalised benefit - this really helps to paint a clear picture of why choosing your product is worth doing.

This can be done by saying “our product has XYZ > this means that you can save time or increase your productivity”

Present your call to action

OK, After we have prepared the way by following a logical process, we can now ask the viewer to do something, this is called a ‘Call to Action’.

The call to action can only be used after we have paved the way. This should be big and clear - if you are sending a text-based email then it could perhaps be in bold and have plenty of space around it.

A typical call to action could be an invitation to contact you or visit your website to make a purchase.

Sign off with your contact details

The last section is to properly sign off, so many sales-based emails are so focused on presenting a special offer, that they neglect to sign off with full contact information.

If you are marketing to UK businesses, then formalities such as thanking your viewer for their time is still an approach that the domestic market appreciates.

Make sure you provide a direct dial telephone number - not a generic number for your main switchboard. Also your personal email address.


The above 8 steps constitute all the elements of a great sales email. If you follow this process then this should really increase those all-important sales conversions.

Thank you for watching…….
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