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Types of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective solution for many businesses large and small to allow them direct access to potential and existing customers. Emails can be sent directly to a customer via Email Blasters online tool, which is easy to navigate, but backed up by a friendly UK support team always on hand to help.

Why market via e-mail?

Email marketing solutions are a growing industry. Businesses see email marketing as a quick and relatively easy solution to send direct mailings to customers new and old. Databases of emails can be created from previous sales or can be purchased, meaning targeted consumers receive their messages directly into their inbox and if the message is interactive through the use of social media buttons, they can quickly check out your social media pages and follow you there. This continues to build on your brand image and thus develops a brand loyalty, which will in turn help business sales.

What type of e-mail marketing campaign can be effective?

You can send a variety of email marketing campaigns, depending on what is it you are looking to achieve.

  • Newsletter emails give customers updates on the industry with in-house stories, which can make them feel more part of your team. Financial services based businesses can often benefit from a newsletter - their customers do not usually use the services on a regular basis so a newsletter which informs and updates customers of the financial market can keep a business in the mind of the consumer while also keeping them abreast of the marketplace
  • Catalogue style messages showcase products while giving the consumer a taste of what they can find on your website. This is especially beneficial for clothing and furniture retailers, when new products are launched, or mid season sales begin.
  • Press release emails inform quickly of any news stories or newsworthy articles that you want sent out. With financial service based businesses, often a message does need to get out quickly to all customers to let them know of changes in the market, such as Bank of England base rate changes, budget changes and even changes in government policies.
  • All businesses can benefit from survey emails, which allow you to build on your data directly from customers making your offerings specific to your customers’ needs.
  • Thank you emails are a great way of making the customer feel special and to let them know you care.

User-friendly, quick and effective e-mail marketing solution

When looking for a company who can help make your email marketing campaign easy and effective there are many features you should look out for. Here at Email Blaster, we offer an online platform for you to create and send your marketing campaign from. The system works in four simple steps:

  1. Upload your customer database
  2. Develop your own email message unique to your business and just for your customers
  3. When you are happy, just hit send and we take care of the rest
  4. Track and check how well the campaign has done by seeing the results of your labour through graphs and analytics showing how many delivered and what the click through rate was.

Send as many campaigns as you need

We do not have a cap on the volume of emails you can send, so whether you are a small or large business, we can meet your needs. We do regular clean ups on your data to ensure you are not sending out more messages than needed, while also deleting email addresses that are no longer in use. Our dedicated team are on hand to assist you with your campaign - if you ever need to ask us about our service, just pick up the phone and call us on 0845 263 7266.

Any business could find email marketing useful to advertise to consumers through a inexpensive campaign that can get a message across instantly. Email Blaster is the way forward for businesses, whether on a tight budget or keeping their running costs lean. Why not check the rest of our web site to see how simple it is for you to create your first email marketing campaign.

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