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easy schedule sends

time your sends for optimum results.

With email blaster’s email newsletter service, you don’t have to be in your office or sitting at your desk to setup an email send.

Quick and easy integrated scheduling allows for true email marketing automation. Schedule an email send for any future date and time, email blaster takes care of the rest.

optimise send times

The day/send time of your email marketing has a huge impact on it’s success. Sending whilst your subscribers are out of office or too busy to check email will lower your open rate and ultimate success of your email marketing campaign.

Via email blaster’s send scheduler, fine tune the time and date of your email send, at a time best suited for your audience. Creating the ultimate level of flexibility, email blaster's intuitive scheduling system lets you clearly map and schedule your email marketing to work around you and your subscribers.

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calendar view

Calendar view lets you quickly and easily view/manage your scheduled sends.

Using the integrated calendar, monitor which campaign is going out when, make amends and cancel sends.

Calendar, the one port of call to stay in control of your email marketing.

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putting you in control

The email blaster send scheduler provides a rich and easy to use toolset which puts you in control of your email marketing strategy.

Quickly and easily schedule a send for any future time and date, leaving email blaster to take care of the rest. Opens, reads clicks, unsubscribes and interactions are automatically stored inside the analytics suite ready for your team to pickup and analyse.

Email blaster gives you the tools to successfully build your brand.

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