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Choosing an email marketing solution can be a mine field...

When looking for an email marketing service it is vital to identify the key elements that you need to execute this online marketing activity simply and effectively. Email marketing solutions are designed to streamline this element of a digital marketing strategy so make sure you choose a provider that suits the way you work. Certain sectors create and send high volumes of email marketing campaigns; financial services email marketing, retail and leisure email marketing all send regular and consistent campaigns so in this case the provider would need to supply a fully account managed solution with a fully comprehensive analytics suite.

Online marketing has overtaken more traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and print advertising. To this end, the modern marketer is looking for an email marketing solution that gives them the opportunity to execute online marketing campaigns such as email marketing as part of a full digital marketing strategy. Email marketing sits squarely at the centre of the digital marketing campaign and as a result, relies upon good data and client retention to remain effective. Using this to reach out to existing and potential clients will generate a steady flow of new leads and repeat business if carried out the right way.

Choosing an email marketing solution can be a mine field as there are lots of good providers out there. The key elements to look for are deliverability, testimonials from happy clients and a useable interface. Without this the task of putting campaigns together can become too labour intensive and the ROI diminishes. A simple drag and drop system is the best platform for designing and adding copy to a template. Also, the ability to upload data and keep it clean and manageable should be another strong feature. The creation and sending part of an email marketing campaign shouldn't be difficult or time consuming, if it is change provider.

The benefits of email marketing, if done correctly, will be evident after two or three campaigns. A good list with relevant content will attract the right response. The key to this is to keep looking at and analysing the data. Don't make the mistake of sending out to vast lists of bad data, it won't work. An email marketing solution will only work for you if you use it correctly. Look at it as a partner in your online marketing activity. You have to look after it, monitor the results and make changes accordingly.

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