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email marketing software

web based email marketing software

Create great email, quickly.

With our emailing software it's a breeze, design great looking newsletters in minutes, everything is controlled with 'building blocks', simply drag blocks onto your design; text, images, social network buttons and more. With lots of combos available, within minutes you will make an awesome looking email that will blow your customers away.


You don't need to be a designer or have any knowledge of software email, our design editor does all the clever stuff behind the scenes, leaving you free to get creative, we call it cBuilder.


Drag and drop images.

When it's time to spice up your design with some images, our design editor (we call it cBuilder) makes life really easy for you, there is no need to re-save, optimise or upload images. simply drag and drop images straight from your computer onto your design.


As soon as your image hits the canvas, cBuilder will automatically scale your image and optimise it's file size for speedy delivery.


All of the tedious bits are handled on the fly, our mass email software does it all for you.


online email marketing software
cloud based software

Edit your images.

The inbuilt software email image editor has everything you need to turn your creative vision into a reality. with a few clicks you can apply a huge number of visual effects to your image, if your source image doesn't work with your colour scheme, that's no problem you can apply filters, fx and even turn it into black and white.


There is now no need to invest in expensive external image editing software, cBuilder has everything you need all in one place. Everything is just a few clicks away, you really can create your own unique design in minutes.