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email marketing resources

web based email marketing software

what is the cloud?

Located on the cloud, email blaster offers easy to use online email marketing software. This means that you can quickly access your email blaster from any internet connected device, at any location - using your favourite web browser.


There is no need to invest in expensive computers or hardware. All the hard work is done by our super fast UK based network. We take care of all the techy side, leaving you and your staff free to use your email blaster; when, where and how you want.


login from any device

Our web based email marketing sofrware just works; PC, Mac, Linux, Desktop, Laptop or Tablet. You email blaster will happily open on any device.


Open your favourite web browser, login and go. The secure login system keeps your data safe, but enables quick access from any device.


online email marketing software
cloud based software

no downloads or installs

We really dislike complicated setups, downloads, updates or installs - so much so, that we removed the need for any of it.


Email blaster is a web based email marketing software platform, this means that you can login from your favourite web browser and start using right away.


When we add new features to the cloud software, there is no need to update anything. Updates are released seamlessly, in fact you will never see an install screen again.